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After many years of peace, Cobra arose when the world least suspected. A helmet clad figure stood on a step of the people's capital and gave a speech nobody would soon forget! He was quick to deliver a message saying the world had less than 24 hours to surrender to him. There was no exceptions.

The governments of several countries knew they must band together and create a force that to go head to head with this new threat! Fortunately the United States already had started putting together an elite force with the thoughts that trouble like this would one day occur. As the core of this new freedom force, the United States were the main army on the battle ground. The other countries simply supply their best when needed.

With this new army, this freedom force, they were named G.I.Joe. Their mission is to defend freedom and preserve the rights of humankind. They must defeat Cobra!

The story wages on in this online exclusive fan made story. Each issue presents the continuing struggle to rid the world of Cobra Commander and his army of evil. The team of G.I.Joe will continue to battle until they have won! G.I.joe, fighting for freedom where ever there's trouble!

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