G.I.Joe Manga FAQ

What is Manga?

Manga is the Japanese word for comic! Basically when a person thinks of the art form as a whole, they think of Anime. People tend to classify the comics and animation into one calling it all Anime. While some disput that there is animated Manga and printed Anime, I can't really tell you. I've always heard it explained that they both were separate. Manga = printed and Anime = animation. For more fully explained information about manga, try this page http://library.thinkquest.org/3177/gather/manga.html.

Do you think a new cartoon would be good if done as Anime?

Absolutely not! Even though I've done this Manga G.I.Joe, I'm not a supporter of seeing G.I.Joe turned into Anime. I want to see a really well done American cartoon. Something that will blow everyone away! Nothing Anime influences, nothing Batman Animated influenced, and nothing super cartoon looking. As for CGI, I can't say I'd hate seeing that. If it were done well enough, it could be fine. I doubt we'd see something done well in CGI though.

Are you in the comic industry in any way?

I collect comics, hehe! You may have heard the name Joe Harris before. I think there are 2 others with the same name as me. I'm not a "professional" though, so to speak. I had once thought about it, and had even thought I'd try to doing my own book. I'm a professional artist designing t-shirts, and t-shirt printing is my main job. I really wouldn't have time to be able to do a monthly comic. Sometimes I have free time, sometimes I don't. It'd require someone REALLY undertstanding for me to actually do art in a month or bi-monthly comic. I'd much rather write a book. I have many ideas that I feel would be popular. Best off all, any character I have in mind, I can design him out to show an artist what I'm thinking of for my characters! Who knows, maybe one day I'll have my name on something more than an online comic!

Is this a monthly comic?

While it won't be monthly, if it proves to be popular enough, I'll be uploading new issues as I have the time. Monthly would be impossible. Every other month or even spanning 3 months is probably what to expect. This is of course up to you the reader. If I feel nobody is reading the book, why bother to draw it? A little email and posting in my guest book is a way of letting me know there are people out there that like this. Of course hits to the page show people visit, but it leaves me wondering if people are actually looking at the page and getting out as soon as they see it.

Why did you redesign the characters?

Well I thought it would be better if they were more in a style that you'd find in most Manga comics. Plus this sets the whole thing totally in a separate universe. It opens up the doors for people to feel free to enjoy this without thinking that I'm trying to add to pre-existing continuation. I'm pretty much against all of the stuff out there where people write about characters and try and say it's continuation. No continuation is canon unless it's approved by Hasbro to me.

Can I send you some Anime/Manga style art I've drawn?

Sure! It'd be cool to make a fan section on the site so others can display their tallents. The whole Manga idea opens up an artist to be as expressive as they'd like without feeling the need to be stuck in the boundaries of the already developed ideas in the regular G.I.Joe universe.

Why did you use some of the characters you have as main characters?>

I wanted to use some of the other characters that more so sat in the background from the regular series. I figured what better way to create all new ideas of characters than to use those who haven't seen the center stage.

Why a robot for Mainframe?

Well I saw this neat ball thing that came with a Gundam figure. I thought, hey, that'd be a neat robot. I then decided to go from there. I figured it would be a neat change. After watching an episode of Gundam, I saw that this ball actually WAS a robot, hehe. It's fine though. Again this is a fan thing so it really doen't matter how exact I make things to other ideas I borrow from.

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